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Network CompTIA Labs are hosted by on Demand system that allows for hands on practice and skill development in actual software application through a remote lab environment. The virtual labs align with CompTIA exam objectives and based on scenarios found in the workplace.

  • License valid 12 months.

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This Item: Network+ Labs N10-008
Network+ CertMaster Learn
  • Assisted Lab: Exploring the Lab Environment
  • Assisted Lab: Configure a SOHO Router
  • Assisted Lab: Capture Network Traffic
  • Assisted Lab: Configure Interface Settings
  • Assisted Lab: Configure IPv4 Static Addressing
  • Assisted Lab: Analyze ARP Traffic
  • Assisted Lab: Use Tools to Test IP Configuration
  • Assisted Lab: Configure IPv6 Static Addressing
  • Assisted Lab: Configure Static Routing
  • Assisted Lab: Configure Dynamic Routing
  • APPLIED Lab: Troubleshoot IP Networks
  • Assisted Lab: Use Network Scanners
  • Assisted Lab: Analyze a DHCP Server Configuration
  • Assisted Lab: Analyze a DNS Server Configuration
  • Assisted Lab: Analyze Application Security Configurations
  • Assisted Lab: Configure Secure Access Channels
  • Assisted Lab: Configure SNMP and Syslog Collection
  • Assisted Lab: Analyze Network Performance
  • APPLIED Lab: Verify Service and Application Configuration
  • Assisted Lab: Configure a NAT Firewall
  • Assisted Lab: Configure Remote Access
  • APPLIED Lab: Troubleshoot Service and Security Issues
  • Assisted Lab: Develop Network Documentation
  • Assisted Lab: Backup and Restore Network Device Configurations
  • Assisted Lab: Analyze an On-Path Attack
  • Assisted Lab: Configure Port Security



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