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Project management is a critical component of any industry or department, from construction to environmental management. Both technology companies, and the IT departments of firms in a variety of industries; employ project managers with the technical aptitude and project management knowledge to ensure that their technology projects are planned and executed efficiently, staying on time and on schedule.

Technology projects have the ability to affect every level of the enterprise – poorly executed projects and insufficient technical resources can affect the work of everyone from developers to executives and secretaries. In order to remain competitive, companies must implement the latest technologies in a reasonable timeframe, so that their employees have the tools and technology they need to complete deliverables and keep clients satisfied. Not only can poorly executed technology implementation cause inefficiency, but can cause business to completely grind to a halt if systems and data are not properly migrated. Due to the high stakes of technology implementation, top firms look to those with IT project certification to manage change and ensure that business operations continue even during project implementation.

CompTIA Project+ is unique from other project management certifications, focusing solely on project management in information technology. Not only does CompTIA Project+ certification require knowledge of project management best practices, but also covers the technical knowledge needed for successful IT project management. the CompTIA Project+ exam covers all aspects of IT projects from planning and initiation, to deployment and delivery, as well as communication and control of the project; and project closure.

Not only does CompTIA Project+ focus on the IT industry, but offers advantages over other project management certifications. No prerequisites are required for Project+ certification, and there are no applications or continuing education requirements. Professionals who obtain Project+ certification move on to employment roles including analyst, project manager, and project team member.

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