Advantages of CompTIA A+ Certification

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For those seeking employment in the IT world, a CompTIA A+ Certification will provide you with the best of the best certifications to show that you have the knowledge and expertise in the field. Employers hire around more individuals with a CompTIA Certification, which is often the higher salaried positions. Instead of starting out on the ground floor and working your way up the ladder with CompTIA Certifications, you can actually be chosen for higher paying positions in the beginning.

A few advantages of the CompTIA A+ certification include higher salary, satisfaction, a larger base of career choices, proof that you are serious about your career, and you will be providing employers with several advantages to hire you as well.

You may wonder why a CompTIA Certification will give you satisfaction. The answer is simple. You will know you had the knowledge needed to pass the CompTIA A+ so you will be more confident when applying for employment in the field. Your career choices after receiving CompTIA certification has just jumped to several instead of a couple that are considered beginners in the industry. With this certification, you will be able to start your career as a computer technician, help desk technician, manufacturing, field service technician, or even start your own computer repair business. Individuals with CompTIA A+ certification receive salaries that are 5 to 15 percent higher than those without certification.

This is just the beginning of the advantages you will enjoy once you receive your CompTIA certification. Once you delve into the course and take the exam, you will realize just how many more doors open that will provide you with several new opportunities in the IT industry.

If you are wondering why more companies will take you seriously and will be seeking your knowledge over others that have no training or have not passed the CompTIA A+, then you may be surprised at just how you can help these companies and businesses.

When a company hires an individual with CompTIA Certification, they will increase their customer satisfaction, which in turn will mean more repeat business. It allows the company to use the A+ logo as long as the individual hired has received the CompTIA A+ certification. Other reasons companies look for CompTIA certification employees include that skilled workers mean increased productivity, better competence standards, and training costs are much less. There are even business that require their employees to receive their CompTIA A+ certification during their employment if they wish to stay with the company.

As you can see, if you have your CompTIA A+ prior to applying for a position in a company you wish to work in, you will not only be bringing to the table your own knowledge and expertise, but you will be providing the company with some major advantages. This means that you will be placed at the top of the pile instead of tossed aside when it comes to hiring.

Many well-known companies such as IBM require their employees to have CompTIA A+ certification, so if you want to be considered by a large and well-known business your IT certifications are very important. With the CompTIA A+ certification, you will be able to receive higher salaries, have more career choices, and will have the confidence you need to rise to the top and enjoy your career choices.



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