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What is CompTIA CyberSecure?

CompTIA CyberSecure is online cybersecurity training for your entire organization.  The 60 minute self-paced training course teaches your employees' security best practices for both online and offline that will reduce security risks.

Click here to read an article by the Washington Post "The human problem at the heart of Snapchat's employee data breach"

Why does my organization need CompTIA CyberSecure Training?

Recent research shows the average cost of a data breach increased to around $3.79 million. It also shows that 52% of breaches are caused by human error.

Top 5 Reasons human error leads to security incidents

1. Increased use of social media by staff

2. Failure of staff to understand new threats

3. General negligence/carelessness toward security

4. Lack of security expertise with websites and applications

5. Failure of IT staff to follow security procedures and policies

Click here  to learn more on  "Cybersecurity for Everyone, Not Just the IT Department"

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