How do I register my MeasureUp Practice Test Key?

1) Go to the main page. Then, click on “Login/Registration”

2) Click on “My Learning Locker”

3) Create an account or login as a returning customer

4) Click on "Log In" or "Register" to enter your Learning Locker

5) Once you are in your Learning Locker, click the “Register Key” button on the Learning Locker tool-bar.

6) Read and consent to the License Agreement. You can access this Software License Agreement by clicking on “License Agreement” button.

To proceed you must check the consent box.

7) Enter the Product Key in the box exactly as it was provided. This is usually fifteen numbers followed by a dash (-) and then up to four more numbers.

8) Click the “Register” button to complete key registration.

9) Return to the Practice Test view by clicking the “Practice Tests” button on the Learning Locker tool-bar. Your test is now available and you can begin. Click on the cube and then the blue “Begin Test” button of the product you wish to use and follow the instructions.


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