How do I schedule an exam with Certiport?

Watch video on how Certiport Exam vouchers work

Instructions for the Candidate:
1. You must take your Microsoft Office Specialist exam prior to the expiration date provided with the voucher number.
2. Locate a Certiport Center near you by using the online locator at
3. Call your selected Certiport Center:
a. Tell the representative that you wish to redeem this Voucher number for an exam.
b. Centers may charge an additional proctoring fee for exam administration.
c. Schedule a time and date to take the exam.
4. At the time of testing, have the center launch the Testing Workstation Application. If you have taken a Microsoft Office Specialist exam before enter your Candidate Login information or register as a new candidate. At the Exam Administration screen, select "Use a Voucher For This Exam". Enter the voucher number from above into the box provided.

NOTE: All vouchers are case sensitive and you must enter the dashes. Select the desired exam using the drop down box
at the top of the screen.

NOTE: Refer to the above information for specific restrictions. Next to the entered voucher number, click "Validate" to verify voucher status. Have your testing administrator enter their username and password. You are now ready to take your exam. Upon exam completion, voucher is void. Please dispose of voucher.


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