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With the generation of massive data volumes, it is understandable that the field of security is among the fastest developing fields within the IT area. An appropriate type of IT certification, the CompTIA Security + Certification, is offered to enable professionals competent in data security to obtain relevant certification proof. The certification is a vendor neutral certification.

The possession of the CompTIA Security + Certification is an advantage for Information Technologies specialists as proof of its holders’ knowledge and skills in the field of important issues such as network security, compliance, operational security, different threats and management of vulnerabilities, security of applications, data and hosts, efficient access control and overall identity management, as well as cryptography.

The benefit of the CompTIA Security + Certification as IT certification is that it demonstrates not only adequate professional knowledge in the field of security concepts and tools, as well as ability to react applying the required procedures to remedy security incidents. The CompTIA Security + Certification also guarantees that security personnel possessing this type of IT certification can anticipate risks posed to security and react accordingly to ensure protection.

The qualifications required for obtaining the CompTIA Security + Certification include minimum two years of experience in the field of IT administration, with a special focus on security issues. Furthermore, candidates should have sufficient experience in the field of providing regular daily technical information security. An advantage for candidates is the possession of a CompTIA Network+ Certification, which is recommended before IT specialists apply for the CompTIA Security + Certification.

Yet another advantage of considering the CompTIA Security + Certification as a type of IT certification is the advantage it offers for continuous updating and enhancement of skills and knowledge in the field of security, as holders of the CompTIA Security + Certification are required to obtain a renewal of their credentials after three year periods. The renewal can be carried out in two manners. The first one is by taking the newest version of that IT certification, and the second can be implemented by means of earning CEUs (continuous education units). Such units comprise the participation in qualified activities: publications of articles on white papers, obtention of other certification relevant to the industry, attendance of professional events such as conferences. The number of CEUs required for the renewal of the CompTIA Security + Certification is fifty per each renewal period. With both types of renewal of this IT certification, IT specialists in the field of security have regular opportunities to maintain and enhance their professional level, knowledge and skills.

The requirement for renewal of the CompTIA Security + Certification was introduced in 2011. IT security specialists who have obtained this type of IT certification prior to 2011 can retain their certification as a permanent document, without the need for renewals. Such CompTIA Security + Certification holders can participate in the continuous education program, thus gaining the advantage of enhancing and proving the level of their competence via the above mentioned continuous education participation methods.



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