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Intel Server Specialist

Intel Server Specialist

The Intel Server Specialist Certification provides Intel server resellers / partners a benchmark to demonstrate reaching the required standard to become an Intel Certified Server Reseller. This exam tests for the necessary skills to support their customers’ server infrastructure as well as the ability to sell solutions tailored to their individual business needs. The Intel Server Specialist certification measures the level of Intel server knowledge and skills present at the time of the exam.

The Intel Server Specialist Certification is suited for those individuals with at least 24 months of Server-based hands-on experience. It should, on successful completion, ensure the examinee will have the knowledge and skills required to become an Intel Server Specialist; able to build, maintain, troubleshoot and support Intel server hardware and software installations.

  • Most major Server manufactures - have server platforms based on Intel architecture. This exam will help give the skills needed to be productive with almost any of the Intel based platforms designed and sold by these companies.
  • Certification - to show corporations such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, that you understand the way their servers work.
  • Demonstrate competence - develop resourcefulness in the way you approach your server customers. You will know it is not enough to just “fix the server” – you will also understand its importance to the customer’s business

Register for this exam directly with Pearson VUE. No voucher available for purchase.

Engineers already working in technical facilitation roles such as:
Field Support Engineer - Lab/Bench Test/Proving Engineer - IT Backend Support - Server Sizing Specialist


Domain % of Examination
1.0 Technologies 20%
2.0 Hardware 30%
3.0 Documentation Tools & Deployment 20%
4.0 Troubleshoot & Management 30%
Total 100%


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