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Social Media Security Professional

The Social Media Security Professional (SMSP) Certification attests to individual's knowledge of social networking channels and the risks these pose on the security posture of an organization. SMSP professionals have the skills necessary to anticipate attacks and guard sensitive information from social media hackers, and, in the event of a breach, have tools to quickly respond to security incidents. SMSPs have proven competency to help guide organization's social media personnel security policy.

Certified SMSPs are the organization's first line of defense from social media security attacks.

Ideal Candidates for SMSP Certification:
The SMSP certification is ideal for individuals who work with social media solutions and have experience in the cyber security space. Candidate job roles include: information security technician, security administrator, security architect, security engineer or any other role that is responsible for information security. This training and certification program is also designed for Information Assurance professionals in Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Information Officer (CIO) or other roles responsible for developing social media usage policies and education programs for end users.
*The candidate job roles list is not exhaustive.

  • Growing need for techs who can mitigate social media risks
  • Requested by the U.S. Department of Defense
  • IT industry's first social media security certification
Jobs that use SMSP
  • Network technician
  • Security administrator
  • Security architect
  • Security engineer
  • Network administrator


Become SMSP Certified

There are two ways to obtain the SMSP Certification

1. Attend the Official SMSP Training Course: The Social Media Security Training Course is the most effective way to obtain the knowledge necessary to pass the SMSP Certification Exam. This course is taught by expert level instructors in a three-day format. Upon completion of the training course candidates will be eligible to sit for the Social Media Security Professional (SMSP) Exam. Learn more about the
UKI Social Media Security training course.

2. Challenge the Exam without Official Training: The individual requesting candidate status without attending official training must have a minimum of one (1) year of verified cybersecurity work experience and pass the SMSP Exam. To obtain the SMSP Certification the candidate must fill out and submit the online "
SMSP Certification Application" form. Learn more about the process of becoming certified.

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