CompTIA DataSys+ Training

CompTIA CertMaster DataSys+ 


Key Features: 

  • Database Fundamentals
  • Database Deployment
  • Database Management and Maintenance
  • Data and Database Security
  • Business Continuity

CompTIA DataSys+ CertMaster Learn  

Included in CertMaster Learn for CompTIA DataSys+:

  • 100% coverage of exam objectives that focus on job roles
  • 15 lessons with interactive Performance-Based Questions
  • 270 practice questions with immediate feedback
  • 84-question final assessment simulates the test experience

Exclusive CertMaster Learn features that help you nail the material and ace your exam:

  • Countdown calendar to keep you on pace
  • Narrative instruction, images, videos, and games to keep you engaged
  • Achievement badges, flashcards and a personalized dashboard to track progress
  • PBQs and practice questions show what you’ve mastered and what to revisit

CompTIA DataSys+ CertMaster Labs DS0-0001

DataSys+ CertMaster Labs is a remote lab environment that enable hands on practice in actual software applications.

  • 12 month License
  • Browser-based virtual environments that use real equipment
  • Extensive step-by-step lab guides aligned with exam objectives

DataSys+ CertMaster Lab offers two types of labs within the product

  • Assisted Labs guide the learner step-by-step through tasks, offering assessment and feedback throughout a 10-15 minute experience, allowing the learner to correct any misunderstandings as they proceed through the activity.
  • Applied Labs present a series of goal-oriented scenarios in a 20-30 minute experience covering multiple topics, scoring the student at the end of the activity based on their ability to successfully complete each scenario. As a result, learners are forced to think critically about how to approach problems without a prescribed set of steps.


CompTIA DataSys+ E-Books Study Guide

Get Certified 4 Less offers the official CompTIA eBook study guides for CompTIA certification exams. All of the ebooks are self paced study guides with content mapped to core objectives and comprehensive glossary.