Posted by Danielle S on Sep 30th 2015

Advantages of CompTIA Security + Certification

With the comprehensive number of networks functioning in all types of organizations and companies, network technicians need IT certification on a mid level to demonstrate their competence in the fields of networks design, network cabling, setup of network hardware, installation, network support and troubleshooting. The CompTIA Network + Certification is a type of certification for network technicians and proves the competence of its holders in the above mentioned areas. It is an advantage providing proof of the adequate knowledge and skills technicians possessing it have, and it is a benefit that enhances their eligibility when they apply for jobs.

The possession of the CompTIA Network + Certification is an advantage for network technicians, and another advantage the exam to obtain this type of IT certification offers is that in addition to experienced technicians, beginners can also apply. Generally it is recommended that candidates have minimum 18 months of experience in the field of network technology, and another preceding IT certification which can be useful before applying for the CompTIA Network + Certification is the A+ certification, or equivalent knowledge level proof.

Candidates who sit the CompTIA Network + Certification is a type of IT certification have to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the fields of support and configuration of ICP/IP clients, and more precisely in network design and cabling, hardware setup and configuration, the subsequent support and troubleshooting. The CompTIA Network + Certification exam contains a number of questions of different nature, traditional, situational, or identification ones. It involves the testing networking technicians skills and knowledge in all types of network installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as the different aspects of network technologies, the ICP/IP and OSI models included. Furthermore, networking technicians are examined on network components and on their functioning in conjunction with OSI models.

The job roles candidates are required to assume during exams for this type of IT certification on networking issues include the positions of network administrators, network installers, network installers, IT cable installers, and help desk technicians. In this manner, the exam tests networking technicians capabilities in diverse network technologies, installation and configuration, different media and topologies, network management, and finally network security. Recently, the issues of virtual networking and the importance of networking security, as well as coverage of the model of the seven layer OSI (Open System Interconnection) have been added to the objectives the CompTIA Network + Certification exam includes.

Networking technicians who are considering the obtention of the CompTIA Network + Certification can prepare for the exam by doing full length practice exams, composed on the model of the real exam, and with the score that the real exam contains. Practice questions included are taken from past exams for this type of IT certification, and all practice exam material is in conformity with the CompTIA Network + Certification syllabus.

The possession of the CompTIA Network + Certification is an important advantage for major companies which recommend the holding of this IT certification for prospective candidates for jobs they advertise.