Posted by Danielle S on Feb 16th 2017


Article Written by Travis Northrup

Congratulations on your interest in CompTIA certifications! That is the first step into building a quality technical career. When starting out in Information Technology, it is important to know where to start, what to start out with and how to go about learning the information that you need to achieve one of the many available certifications provided by CompTIA.

First off CompTIA Certifications LLC is a widely known and respected vendor-neutral provider of skill level assurance. Their certifications are respected in all the industries because technicians and specialists who have achieved one of their certifications has at minimum, a standardized base of knowledge that they are guaranteed to know and understand and that is important when working as a professional.Your work colleagues will be looking to you to fix their hardware and nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a broken piece of equipment when they need to it the most.

The first level of any Information Technology professional is the A+ certification. What that provides is a Technician level skill to help you troubleshoot and repair workstations, cell phones, printers and more. It gives you the ability to be able to work a helpdesk trouble ticket or provide service on work orders from companies who need technical assistance with their problem areas.

Having your A+ certification also provides you the base platform you need to build into other IT fields such as networking, linux, cloud and even security. Without having the knowledge and skill gained from this certification you will have a more difficult time understanding and developing into new and exciting fields.

The average pay that an Information Technology Specialist with the CompTIA A+ Certification makes is around $31,467 - $86,223 according to and can land you in nearly any industry such as banking, health-care and the education sectors just to name off a few.

I will be writing a series of articles describing each of the objectives listed to gain your A+ certification as well as providing as much insight as I can about career paths and opportunities that are provided to certified technicians out in the field and in company settings. As a certified technician by CompTIA you are provided with a lot of opportunities to advance your career, meet other people and gain more educational resources through training readily available to you from many resources and CompTIA themselves is certainly one of the best resources out there for learning through their many workshops and free webinars they provide that give you continued education credit, a highly valued service since most companies require you to have a certain amount of continued education credits to keep working with their company. Also once you gained a certain amount of CE credits, your certification renewal is Free.

Here is a quick list of the current domain objectives for the lastest version of CompTIA’s A+ Certification (220-901):

1.0 Hardware34%

2.0 Networking 21%

3.0 Mobile Devices17%

4.0 Hardware and Networking Troubleshooting28%

Thank you for taking the time reading this article to understand a little more about CompTIA and what it means to have their A+ Certification.

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