Posted by Danielle S on Feb 10th 2016


Businesses today understand the need for global operations – maintaining staff, offices, production facilities, datacenters and more not only in their home country, but throughout the world in key markets. Both United States-based companies and multi-national corporations have expanded their efforts beyond conventional markets – particularly in countries like China, India, Russia, and Brazil which have seen strong economic develop and are regarded as the top emerging markets.

On both domestic and foreign soil, companies look to those with IT certifications when hiring individuals to design and deploy hardware solutions and to produce deliverables using critical business applications. CompTIA, the leader in hardware IT certifications, not only offers certification in the North American market, but throughout the world; allowing professionals in Asia, South America, Europe, and the Middle East to advance their IT careers and be recognized by the world’s top firms as experts in their area of specialization.

CompTIA International offers several CompTIA certifications in various practices to professionals in Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand. Some of the certifications available throughout the world from CompTIA include:

  • A+ - The foundations of a solid IT career begin with CompTIA’s A+ certification, which recognizes individuals with the basic IT competencies needed for success and advancement in the world of corporate technology. CompTIA A+ is available internationally.
  • Security+ - Leading firms look to Security+ certified individuals to ensure the safety and security of mission critical data and systems throughout the world. Security+ certification is available for most markets, including Australia, Europe, and beyond. The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification – the top level of IT security certification – is available in the UK, India, Thailand, and Europe.
  • Server+ - Servers are the backbone of any international business, used to administrate data and applications to users at every corner of the world. CompTIA offers Server+ certification in Europe for professionals looking to establish themselves as experts in server deployment, configuration and maintenance.

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