Posted by Danielle S on Feb 5th 2016


CompTIA Mobility+

Employees of today’s enterprise have never been more connected, no matter where they roam – with smartphones, tablets and other devices becoming as ubiquitous as laptops and projectors in today’s conference rooms and corporate campuses. More and more companies have embraced the idea of “Bring Your Own Device”, allowing workers to use the equipment of their choosing. Smartphones now manage both business and personal functions, tablets are as common in the living room as the board room, and laptops allowing employees to work in airports, coffee shops, and anywhere they can access in internet.

The use of mobile devices, particularly employees bringing their own personal devices and connecting them to enterprise networks, brings great rewards – greater flexibility, more collaboration, better communication, and more access to the data that drives business success. However, mobile devices bring great threats and risks to the enterprise – company data is now not only accessed from a secure company intranet; but from potentially unsecured public networks. Over 81% of workers have used a personal device for work functions – how can IT administrators ensure the security of data on a variety of devices being used in multiple locations on multiple networks? In order to meet the unique security challenge of mobile devices, leading firms look to those with mobile security certification that have displayed the knowledge and skills needed to secure mission-critical data across a variety of platforms and devices.

CompTIA offers industry-recognized, vendor-neutral IT certifications in a variety of specializations – from server performance to Linux administration – and has introduced a new certification designed to recognize individuals with the knowledge needed to implement effective security measures across a multitude of devices.

CompTIA Mobility+ certification requires thorough knowledge of mobile device management – the troubleshooting of applications and hardware problems on mobile devices, security of data on mobile devices, and the infrastructure and networks to support these devices. IT professionals with this certification can deploy, integrate, support and manage mobile environments while ensuring the highest levels of security which are critical at the enterprise level.

More and more employees are demanding the flexibility to use their own devices on corporate networks, and employers are looking for IT professionals with the skills to ensure the security of their enterprise data across a variety of platforms and networks. With the new CompTIA Mobile certification, IT professionals gain the knowledge needed to provide security not only to desktops, servers and laptops – but to the ever-growing number of smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices used in the workplace. “Mobile Technology Expert” is the #4 Hot IT Job according to InfoWorld – if you’re ready to take advantage of this growing field and differentiate yourself as a skilled professional with the knowledge needed to create effective, secure IT solutions at the enterprise level, then CompTIA Mobility+ is the certification for you.

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