Posted by Zoe Filomeno on Aug 8th 2023

​CompTIA Partner Summit 2023!


The rapidly changing technological landscape requires a workforce that is highly qualified and capable of driving forward the tech economy. CompTIA's Partner Summit in 2023  was a great opportunity to understand the upcoming innovative solutions. The summit provided valuable insights and resources for educators, trainers, or IT professionals.

Mick Ebeling, a renowned name in the tech and innovation world, was the key speaker at the CompTIA Partner Summit 2023. With a passion for leveraging technology to create positive social change, Ebeling is the epitome of an innovator. As the founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs, he has dedicated his life to solving seemingly impossible challenges through technology. Ebeling's inspiring work includes projects like the EyeWriter, which helps individuals with ALS create art using just their eyes, and the Project Daniel, which brought 3D-printed prosthetic limbs to amputees in war-torn Sudan. His keynote speech at the summit was a thought-provoking and inspiring session, shedding light on how technology can be a force for good in society and motivating attendees to push the boundaries of what is possible in their own fields.

The Partner Summit sessions provided the latest research, tools and resources in order to optimize strategies and navigate workforce issues. Attendees had the ability to see demos and get training on CompTIA’s latest offerings including CertMaster suite, and the recently added TestOut curriculum. The CompTIA Partner Summit allowed participants to discover the best-in class content offered by CompTIA, including the CompTIA CySA+ certification and the CompTIA DataSys+. The summit provided valuable insights and resources for educators, trainers, or IT professionals.

The summit was not just a place for networking and learning, but it also celebrated and recognized the accomplishments of CompTIA Authorized Partners.