Posted by Zoe Filomeno on Aug 9th 2023

​CompTIA Xpert Series: A New Frontier in IT Certifications

CompTIA announced its plans to develop a series of expert-level "Xpert" certifications and learning products focused on three critical domains: data, cybersecurity, and cloud networking. These certifications are tailor-made for IT professionals with substantial work experience who are looking to validate their deep expertise in technologies that drive business success. With its launch scheduled for 2024, the Xpert Series is set to become a cornerstone of professional development in the IT world, empowering individuals to embrace complexity and drive meaningful change in their organizations.

According to Thomas Reilly, Chief Product Officer at CompTIA, the upcoming certifications are not just about technical prowess; they also showcase an individual's ability to implement, understand, and articulate advanced technological solutions within diverse business environments. Reilly explains, "Each certification exam will validate deep expertise in job roles recognized as being at the expert level."

These certifications include:

CompTIA DataX: This advanced-level data science credential is designed for professionals who want to master the intricacies of data analysis and its applications in today's data-driven world.

CompTIA CloudNetX: Geared towards advanced network and systems architects, this certification focuses on designing and managing complex hybrid IT infrastructures to meet the demands of modern businesses.

CompTIA SecurityX: Building upon the foundation of the current CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+), this iteration targets security architects, senior security engineers, and other professionals responsible for ensuring an organization's cybersecurity readiness.