Posted by Danielle G on Apr 11th 2024

Launch your Career in Data Analytics

Launch your career in analytics with the comprehensive IT Specialist Certification – Data Analytics bundle. This all-inclusive package offers extensive training resources to enhance your abilities and confidence throughout your studies. Plus, it includes an exam voucher to certify your newfound knowledge.


The CertPREP courseware for IT Specialist – Data Analytics is a self-paced program that provides a foundational understanding of data collection, reporting, manipulation, analytics, prediction, and visualization.

Acquiring these skills will set you on the path to various data analytics roles, including entry-level data analyst, research assistant, data analytics intern, operations research intern, market researcher, and business analyst.

Course Components:

- eBooks

- Training labs

- Instructional videos

- Practice tests

Duration: The primary content spans approximately 18 hours, allowing learners to progress at their individual pace.

Prerequisites: None specified.


The course targets interns, apprentices, and entry-level data analysts, imparting essential knowledge and skills for basic data manipulation, analysis, visualization, and communication.

Required Course Materials: The course utilizes the Pearson CertPREP IT Specialist Data Analytics (INF-202) courseware, accessible for 180 days.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be proficient in:

- Understanding data fundamentals.

- Performing data manipulation.

- Conducting data analysis.

- Developing and interpreting data visualizations.

- Comprehending data privacy regulations and responsible data management practices.