Posted by Danielle S on Sep 30th 2015


The IT certification of Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 is proof of your efficiency in using the Microsoft Office 2010 suite creatively, taking full advantage of the capabilities offered by its programs. By obtaining the IT certification as Microsoft Office Specialist 2010, you will be able to demonstrate your enhanced skills in working with the Microsoft Office suite and cope successfully in competitive academic or business environments. The MOS 2010 certification will prove your ability to take advantage of the advanced workflow tools and content management system of the Microsoft Office 2010 suite, which comprises all the features needed to create, edit or share documents from any place.

The IT certification for Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 is the next generation of certification provided to equip you with proof of your efficiency as information worker with the Microsoft Office 2010 programs. There are several certification types within the Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 certification: Microsoft Office Specialist (Core), Microsoft Office Expert, and Microsoft Office Master.

The Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 core certification provides proof of your skills in working with Microsoft Office 2010. To get this type of certification, you should pass one of the following exams: Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Excel 2010, Access 2010, Outlook 2010, One Note 2010, SharePoint 2010.

The Microsoft Office Expert IT certification proves your advanced skills in certain Microsoft Office applications. To get the Microsoft office certification, you should pass either of the following exams: Word 2010 Expert or Excel 2010 Expert.

The Microsoft Office Master IT certification will provide proof of your fluency in using important applications of Microsoft Office 2010. To get the Master certification, you will have to pass three required exams as well as one elective exam. The required exams include: the Word 2010 Expert exam, the Excel 2010 Expert exam, and the PowerPoint 2010 exam. The elective exams you can choose from include the Access 2010 exam, the Outlook 2010 exam, the SharePoint 2010 exam, and the OneNote 2010 exam.

To prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 exam, you can visit the Microsoft Certification website. There is also a guide with a number of exam resources you can use. You can learn about the registration, the preparation materials, the scoring etc. from the website. Besides learning how to prepare for this type of IT certification in the best way, you will also learn about the relationship between training materials provided by Microsoft and the MOS 2010 exam content. It is also important for you to learn about Microsoft�s policy regarding the incorporation of updates of the service pack into the MOS 2010 exam content. You will also learn about the number, types and format of the MOS 2010 exam questions, as well as the time limits of the exam.

Before scheduling your exam to obtain IT certification as Microsoft Office Specialist 2010, you should carefully review the exam preparation guide, and you should get acquainted with the resources offered by the Microsoft Certification website and the frequently asked questions included there.