Posted by Danielle S on Sep 30th 2015

What is Microsoft MCSD Certification?

The Microsoft MCSD, or Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, certification, is a paramount IT certification for specialists in the field of the design and development of customized business solutions with the aid of Microsoft developed technologies, platforms and tools. The Microsoft MCSD Certification comprises areas spanning the analysis of business requirements and maintenance of solutions, and different job tasks are given to test candidates’ competence. This type of IT certification is appropriate for IT specialists working as software engineers, software developers, software applications engineers, technical consultants, and in other related positions. Candidates should be well versed in the use of Microsoft office and Microsoft Back Office; furthermore, they should have had at least two years of practical experience in development related fields prior to considering taking the MCSD Certification.

On obtaining the Microsoft MCSD Certification, holders will be certified in the competent analysis of business requirements; on the basis of that analysis, they should be able to design and maintain innovative business solutions with the aid of Microsoft development technologies, platforms, and tools, as well as Windows DNA architecture. Holders of that Microsoft IT certification should be able to develop applications comprising different types, such as desktop applications, web based, multi user, N tier, or transaction based ones.

In order to obtain the Microsoft MCSD Certification, candidates have to pass four mandatory exams and one elective one. The aim of the four mandatory exams is to test candidates’ knowledge and skills in the areas of solution architecture, development of web applications, development of Windows applications, and development of web services and server components. The elective exam within this type of Microsoft IT certification tests candidates’ expertise in the field of Microsoft development tools.

The Microsoft MCSD Certification is recognized all over the world as the standard for developers’ competence. With this type of IT certification, IT developers’ advanced expertise in the areas of designing and building IT solutions is guaranteed. This certification is valuable as it proves up to date skills in the field of changing technologies. Furthermore, there are an array of additional benefits that holders of this IT certification are entitled to. They can obtain access to specialized information via Microsoft, and they can also obtain access to discounts offered by selected companies. Microsoft MCSD Certification holders also receive invitations to different events organized by Microsoft, such as training sessions, conferences and other events.

For IT specialists who have acquired this Microsoft certification, no further recertification is required. However, in the case of redesign of exam tracks, the relevant replacement exams should be passed to enable candidates to efficiently retain their Microsoft MCSD Certification.

Currently, two new Microsoft MCSD Certification types are being introduced. One of them is entitled MCSD: Windows Metro Style Applications, and it proves IT specialists’ expertise in the design and development of Metro style apps. The second one is entitled MCSD: Web Apps, and it proved IT specialists’ capabilities to make and set up a range of cutting edge web applications as well as services.