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Kickstart Your JavaScript Career with Our Extensive IT Specialist Certification – JavaScript Bundle

Our all-inclusive JavaScript bundle is the perfect tool to prepare you for a career in the field. Access our comprehensive training materials that will help you strengthen your skills and boost your confidence as you learn. Plus, receive an exam voucher to validate your knowledge and showcase your expertise.

This courseware is designed for learners who want to specialize in developing interactive web applications and mobile applications using JavaScript. 

Here's what the CertPREP bundle includes:

  • Acess to materal for 180 days
  • eBooks
  • Training Lab
  • Videos
  • Practice Test
  • Exam Voucher 12 months
Approximately 36 hours primary course content. However, each learner will progress at their own rate. 


  • Basic understanding of Java programming language
  • Usage of internet and web browser
  • Basic knowledge of network architecture, client-server model
  • Basic understanding of database

CertPREP Courseware for IT Specialists: JavaScript

Our self-paced CertPREP courseware for IT Specialist - JavaScript is designed to help learners become professional web developers. By taking this course, you will develop the necessary skills to create robust, user-friendly, and interactive websites, web applications, and mobile applications. Upon completing this course, you can expect to have a firm grasp of the basic tools and programming skills required to develop and debug web pages.

The IT Specialist Javascript exam maximum time length is 50 minutes to complete the exam. The estimated number of questions that will be on your IT Specialist Java exam is between 35 and 45 questions. 

Course objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:  

  • Use operators, variables, data types, and functions in Java
  • Test and use HTML to create HTML forms
  • Develop interactive web applications using JavaScript
  • Investigate or debug code using the exception-handling method
  • Create events using HTML

Voucher Delivery

Our exam voucher and courseware are purchased directly from Pearson VUE after you place your order. Please allow up to an hour for the voucher to be in stock and fulfill the order. We do not keep this voucher in-stock due to the demand for this new product. You will receive a voucher valid for 12 months.