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CompTIA Security SY0-701 Bundle

What comes with the Security CertMaster Bundle?

  • 12 Month License for Learn, Lab & Practice Test
  • 11-12 Month Exam Voucher

Security+ CertMaster Learn includes:

  • Interactive learning with flashcards and performance-based questions.
  • Videos that demonstrates key concepts and processes.
  • Customizable learning plan.
  • Easy self-assessments
  • Learning progress analytics and reporting

Security+ CertMaster Lab offers two types of labs within the product

  • Assisted Labs guide the learner step-by-step through tasks, offering assessment and feedback throughout a 10-15 minute experience, allowing the learner to correct any misunderstandings as they proceed through the activity.
  • Applied Labs present a series of goal-oriented scenarios in a 20-30 minute experience covering multiple topics, scoring the student at the end of the activity based on their ability to successfully complete each scenario. As a result, learners are forced to think critically about how to approach problems without a prescribed set of steps.

Topics Covered

Lesson 1: Summarize Fundamental Security Concepts

Lesson 2: Compare Threat Types

Lesson 3: Explain Cryptographic Solutions

Lesson 4: Implement Identity and Access Management

Lesson 5: Secure Enterprise Network Architecture

Lesson 6: Secure Cloud Network Architecture

Lesson 7: Explain Resiliency and Site Security Concepts

Lesson 8: Explain Vulnerability Management

Lesson 9: Evaluate Network Security Capabilities

Lesson 10: Assess Endpoint Security Capabilities

Lesson 11: Enhance Application Security Capabilities

Lesson 12: Explain Incident Response and Monitoring Concepts

Lesson 13: Analyze Indicators of Malicious Activity

Lesson 14: Summarize Security Governance Concepts

Lesson 15: Explain Risk Management Processes

Lesson 16: Summarize Data Protection and Compliance Concepts

Labs Available:

Assisted Lab: Exploring the Lab Environment

Assisted Lab: Perform System Configuration Gap Analysis

Assisted Lab: Configuring Examples of Security Control Types

Assisted Lab: Finding Open Service Ports

Assisted Lab: Using SET to Perform Social Engineering

Applied Lab: Using Storage Encryption

Assisted Lab: Using Hashing and Salting

Assisted Lab: Managing Password Security

Assisted Lab: Managing Permissions

Assisted Lab: Setting up Remote Access

Assisted Lab: Using TLS Tunneling

Assisted Lab: Using Containers

Assisted Lab: Using Virtualization

Assisted Lab: Implement Backups

Assisted Lab: Performing Drive Sanitization

Assisted Lab: Exploiting and Detecting SQLi

Assisted Lab: Working with Threat Feeds

Assisted Lab: Performing Vulnerability Scans

Assisted Lab: Understanding Security Baselines

Applied Lab: Implementing a Firewall

Assisted Lab: Using Group Policy

Applied Lab: Hardening

Assisted Lab: Performing DNS Filtering

Assisted Lab: Configuring System Monitoring

Applied Lab: Incident Response: Detection

Applied Lab: Performing Digital Forensics

Assisted Lab: Performing Root Cause Analysis

Assisted Lab: Detecting and Responding to Malware

Assisted Lab: Understanding On-Path Attacks

Adaptive Lab: Using a Playbook

Assisted Lab: Implementing Allow Lists and Deny Lists

Assisted Lab: Performing Reconnaissance

Assisted Lab: Performing Penetration Testing

Assisted Lab: Training and Awareness through Simulation

Capstone Lab: Discovering Anomalous Behavior

Assisted Lab: Use Cases of Automation and Scripting

Applied Lab: Using Network Sniffers

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