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CompTIA A+ Integrated CertMaster Learn + Labs Core 2

 Exploring the Exclusive CertMaster Learn + Labs Features for Exam Success

CertMaster Learn + Labs is a comprehensive learning tool that equips learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to ace their exam. Here are some features that you should know:

  • Each lesson is packed with various learning activities, including narrative content, videos, reviews, and multiple-choice practice questions. The topics are carefully crafted to support a 15-30 minute presentation linked to exam objectives, which ensure that learners can recall and apply the information learned in the topics.
  • Performance-based questions are integrated into the lessons to allow learners to apply their knowledge in practical situations.
  • Graded Virtual Workbench Labs provide learners with an immersive 3D environment where they can practice installing, configuring, and troubleshooting computer hardware using real equipment.
  • Virtual Machine Labs simulate a server network, giving learners a chance to gain hands-on experience with tools, applications, and operating systems they would use in a job environment.
  • A final assessment, similar in format to the CompTIA certification exam, is included to help learners synthesize the content in the course and prepare them for the actual exam.

A+ CertMaster Labs is a remote lab environment that enable hands on practice in actual software applications.

  • 12 month License

Topics Covered

Lesson 1: Configuring Windows

Lesson 2: Managing Windows

Lesson 3: Identifying OS Types and Features

Lesson 4: Supporting Windows

Lesson 5: Managing Windows Networking

Lesson 6: Managing Linux and macOS

Lesson 7: Configuring SOHO Network Security

Lesson 8: Managing Security Settings

Lesson 9: Supporting Mobile Software
Lesson 10: Using Support and Scripting Tools
Lesson 11: Implementing Operational Procedures

Labs Available:

Assisted Lab: Manage User Settings in Windows

Assisted Lab: Support Windows 11

Assisted Lab: Configure Windows System Settings

Assisted Lab: Use Management Consoles

Assisted Lab: Use Task Manager

Assisted Lab: Monitor Performance and Event Logs

Assisted Lab: Use Command-line Tools

APPLIED Lab: Support Windows 10

Assisted Lab: Perform Windows 10 OS Installation

Assisted Lab: Perform Ubuntu Linux OS Installation

Assisted Lab: Install and Configure an Application

Assisted Lab: Troubleshoot a Windows OS Issue

Assisted Lab: Configure Windows Networking

Assisted Lab: Configure Folder Sharing in a Workgroup

Assisted Lab: Manage Linux using Command-line Tools

Assisted Lab: Manage Files using Linux Command-line Tools

APPLIED Lab: Support and Troubleshoot Network Hosts

Assisted Lab: Configure SOHO Router Security

Assisted Lab: Configure Workstation Security

Assisted Lab: Configure Browser Security

Assisted Lab: Troubleshoot Security Issues Scenario #1

APPLIED Lab: Troubleshoot Security Issues Scenario #2

Assisted Lab: Use Remote Access Technologies

Assisted Lab: Implement Backup and Recovery

Assisted Lab: Implement a PowerShell Script

Assisted Lab: Implement Bash Script

Assisted Lab: Manage a Support Ticket

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